OLIB Marketing and Consulting was founded by a group of health care and Marketing professionals who recognized the importance of online presence in an ever increasingly digital world. They needed someone who can understand their niche markets and their specific respective industries at the same time.  To their disappointment, they were not able to find anyone who had the marketing expertise alongside the experience and knowledge of the health care industry. It was also recognized that many practices were making the same business mistakes over and over in their practices. Many failed to recognize their limiting factors, let alone having a clear vision for growth and a roadmap for success. That’s when OLIB Marketing and Consulting was born.

Our name stands for Outstanding Longevity in Business. It is an outstanding longevity and ongoing growth that we strive to achieve for all of our health care clients. This is the cornerstone of everything we do. We specialize in making that happen through providing comprehensive analysis for your practice, detailed growth plans and implementations for ongoing success. We provide cutting edge online marketing and search engine optimization. Our goal is to maximize every practitioner’s potential to be found by patients, maximize their profitability, and allow them to optimize their success and ongoing growth.