It is unfortunate that some health care practice owners are shunning the idea of establishing an online presence for their businesses. Perhaps, they are not aware of the advantages that an online presence would bring to their businesses. It is true that online technology is complex, and some health care professionals are not ready to make that extra effort, but research indicates that an online presence is an absolute necessity today.

There are many ways of creating an online presence from the most fundamental idea of creating a social media account, in addition to websites, blogs, and review sites.

Google has become a verb that is synonymous to research. What this implies is that the entrepreneur who has created and optimized their online presence will benefit from online searches.

The following reasons make an online presence for health care practices mandatory


The obvious reason as described above, is to create visibility for your business. In fact, it is a cost-effective method of marketing your business. Many people make purchase decisions based on information online.

Online reviews are the new word of mouth advertising

It is obvious that word-of-mouth advertising from existing clients to potential ones is significant in attracting new sales. Besides the information that you have provided clients on your website, some potential clients make their decisions based on client reviews. Try to be part of every conversation that the clients engage in so you can dispel any misinformation. This will enable you to maintain a good online reputation for potential clients.

Free survey

Imagine being able to receive demographic information (age, location, gender etc.) without spending money on expensive surveys. An online presence will allow you to achieve this goal, especially on platforms that persuade visitors to record their details. This information is vital because it helps you to create an informed decision while targeting your clients.


Marketing can be very expensive, especially for start-ups. This is why health care practices should consider an online presence as a form of marketing. Not only does only does it make your business visible to online users, but it is a cheaper platform to market your services.

In case you had doubts, be sure that an online marketing will create tangible benefits to your health care practice.