Practice Management Consulting

Our model for success is based on individualized approach to each practice and its respective audience and demographics. We offer consulting for practices of all sizes. We help our new startup clients create an image and a brand as well as provide them with financial consulting and a roadmap for optimized profit. Our comprehensive marketing approach starts with a complete analysis of the current status of the practice. All elements are studied and analyzed. Then, external factors are examined closely. Finally, a clear and customized plan is put into place to achieve growth and ultimate success.

We also work with well-established practices and help them achieve their true full potential. In business, progress comes from clear understanding of the current standing and end goal. Once the start and end points are clearly defined then a clear roadmap is imperative to achieving the end result. Our comprehensive approach includes detailed custom market analysis as well as internal and external marketing strategies for most efficient targeting. We conduct practice-specific analysis of revenues and current standings as well as external factors and design growth plans accordingly. Our growth plans include ongoing monitoring and adjustments to ensure ultimate goals are achieved.

We believe to truly be able to deliver effective marketing solutions one needs to understand the essence of the respective industry. Our team does not only include marketing professionals who specialize in health care but also practicing clinicians with practical business management backgrounds. They have built successful medical practices of their own and helped others do the same. Their experience is broad ranged and includes working with practices in small towns of rural settings to urban ones in city centers. Our team recognizes very well that there is no one magic formula that works for everyone. The marketing approach needs to be tailored specifically to every business depending on a multitude of factors. With our initial preliminary comprehensive assessment we ensure all current elements are examined before a detailed plan and a roadmap for success are created.

For any questions or further information please email us. All discussions about your practice are confidential.